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EDEN Software Key Features And Benefits


EDEN Guardian is the only solution created specifically for mortuary/anatomy centres in schools of medicine. Developed in collaboration with multiple university mortuary teams and designed from the ground up to address the specific requirements such as consent handling, donor management, teaching course management, etc.



Single source of truth!
Eden replaces paper Registers, numerous Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, numerous intra-departmental phone calls providing a simple to use centralised data repository for all Mortuary and Bereavement and Medical Examiner needs. System is accessible by everyone at the same time.

HTA Compliant

Fully compliant and fully auditable, ensuring all HTA recommendations such as ID checks, condition checks, prosection tracking, consent period management, etc.

Implant Handling

Functionality to enter implant details, and ensure correct removal or deactivation takes place.

Consent forms and First Call

Eden allows efficient entry of donor consent forms and “first call” information, in readiness for ultimate donor arrival.


Embalming records including start-end, type of procedure, injection sites, etc.

Barcodes / QR codes

Eden is barcode enabled allowing for barcode scan safeguard verification for critical actions such as donor release.

Platform Independent

Eden runs on Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, tablets and iOS and Android mobile phones.


Prints all required forms for all internal and external authorities, which can be customized without limit, this is a massive time saver for staff efficiency.

Management Reporting

Generates Reports for day to day management, senior management and ad hoc enquiries such as cause of death statistics and bodies in storage. EDEN includes verifiable Freedom of Information requests as well as invoices for billing of rechargeable activities.

Donor Release Control

EDEN prevents release of patient without appropriate clearances and fail-safe release checklist.

Property Control

Logs and tracks patient property including who it was collected by and when.

Full Audit Trail

Tracks progress of each individual patient at every stage of the mortuary process. EDEN tracks which staff member carried out each action and when.

Plastination records

Eden Guardian tracks plastinated prosections and allows for easy accountability and condition checks.


Comprehensive diary management recording all appointments such as family viewings, property collection, funeral director, certificate collection, etc. Intelligent safeguards bring up warnings about viewing consent and double bookings.

Storage condition checks

Eden facilitated regular storage tank fridge condition checks, as well as donor and prosections checks. 


EDEN is fully compatible with bar code reader software. EDEN can also dramatically reduce manual data entry and thereby reduce data entry errors. This also provides a means to ensure that the database is always totally up to date, as patient bar codes can be scanned when the patient is transferred from the ward.

Donor / Prosection move logs

Eden Guardian tracks all donor or prosection movements, ensuring that full accountability and traceability.

Teaching course management

Simple and efficient searching of donors or prosections to be included in internal/external courses. Full tracking on release and return.

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